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Jon L. Duman regularly analyzes, develops and prepares contracts for all areas of entertainment, media and the arts, including agreements relating to financing, production, distribution, ownership and licensing for the recording, television, film, video, theatrical, multi-media and technology industries.  Jon Duman's personable, yet persistent demeanor, combined with his familiarity with the leading companies and current trends in today's media and entertainment markets, enables him to consistently negotiate favorable deals for his clients.  Mr. Duman's contract expertise also extends to more standard business matters, including those relating to real property acquisition & ownership, secured transactions, leasing, business dissolution & divestiture, partnerships/joint ventures, and most other commercial transactions.

Music  Business Matters

Jon Duman specializes in providing legal consultation and representation for all aspects of the music business.  Having negotiated over the past decade with the most prominent record labels, distributors, music publishers and media companies in the United States, Europe, and Japan, Jon Duman's  expertise encompasses the entire gamut of music business transactions, including recording & distribution contracts, tours & live performances, marketing & promotion, artist management agreements and production deals. Mr. Duman also has extensive experience handling music publishing matters, including those pertaining to song rights administration, mechanical and master use licensing, co-publishing & co-writer agreements, synchronization deals, and foreign sub-publishing arrangements. 

Intellectual Property

Jon L. Duman's law practice offers extensive legal services relating to the development, protection and exploitation of intellectual property rights, including copyrights, trademarks & service marks, trade secrets, patents and rights of publicity.  With over a decade of media and entertainment business experience, Jon Duman's background is particularly suited to assisting artists and content-owners in nearly every type of artistic and entertainment-related endeavor, in matters relating to their creative properties. 

Jon L. Duman regularly counsels clients regarding the development and protection of proprietary rights in their creative works, including registration and protective systems & strategies. Jon Duman also represents clients in trademark, service-mark and copyright matters before the United States Patent and Trademark Office and the U.S. Copyright Office. 

Jon Duman's practice also emphasizes the contractual exploitation of intellectual property rights in all forms of media, including licensing and assignment of creative properties embodied in musical compositions, sound recordings, live performances, film, video, television, books, art, toys & games, internet content, software programs and databases. Mr. Duman's services in this regard also include negotiation and preparation of work for hire agreements, clearances, merchandising deals, and publishing contracts, both foreign and domestic.

General Business Transactions

Jon L. Duman regularly counsels individuals and companies concerning a wide range of standard business matters, such as those pertaining to asset acquisition & divestiture, secured transactions, sales of businesses, franchise and distribution agreements, and real property ownership (including sales, foreclosures, co-owner rights, mechanics liens, leasing, zoning, and owner liability). Mr. Duman's general business practice also emphasizes his familiarity with personal service contracts and intellectual property development & protection. 

Jon Duman also routinely advises and assists his business clients (including those within the entertainment/media fields) regarding business entity formation (including corporations, limited liability companies, and limited partnerships.), mergers, buy-outs & reorganizations, partnerships & joint ventures, and dissolutions.  Mr. Duman also counsels businesses on such operational matters as statutory/regulatory compliance, employment practices, and various liability issues. 

Business Disputes

Jon Duman represents clients in connection with a variety of business-related disputes, including those pertaining to breach of contract, copyright & trademark infringement, unfair competition, injunctions & restraining orders, trade secret & trade dress misappropriation, defamation, and contractual interference.   In addition to federal and state court civil proceedings, Mr. Duman represents clients at various administrative and governmental hearings, and in connection with mediations, arbitrations and private trials. As a trained mediator and arbitrator, Jon L, Duman is also available to assist parties in amicably resolving their business disputes, and is particularly experienced in structuring settlements for arts, entertainment and media-related conflicts.

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