The Law Office of Jon L. Duman is a "boutique"-style firm specializing in the practice of general business, media, and entertainment law, with particular emphasis on music business transactions and intellectual property development & protection.

Jon Duman's law practice encompasses over twelve years of media and entertainment business experience, covering a diverse range of commercial fields, including the film, television, e-commerce/Internet, information technology, product licensing, merchandising and recording industries.  Mr. Duman's extensive familiarity with these areas has allowed him to cultivate a diverse client list which includes authors, artists, songwriters, performers, producers, publishers, promoters, record labels, inventors, software & graphic designers, and film & video production companies, among numerous other businesses and professionals. After over a decade of providing representation in connection with virtually every category of arts, entertainment, and/or media-related endeavor, Mr. Duman has established an impressive track record of consistently negotiating favorable deals for his clients, with such major players as Sony Entertainment, EMI-Virgin Records, Universal Music Group, Def-Jam Records, Mattel Toy Corp., Interscope Records, Rush Associated Labels, Rhino Records, and Artisan Entertainment, among numerous other noted media brands.

Regardless of the client or context, Jon L. Duman's law practice is characterized by his pro-active "hands on" approach to legal representation, which combines aggressive, goal-oriented advocacy, with a simpatico perspective and a level of responsiveness particularly suited to working with creators, artistic professionals and all types of small business entrepreneurs.  Jon Duman applies this approach in tenaciously pursuing his clients' legal and business objectives, and has built a reputation over the past decade for providing quality, effective legal services, at a competitive hourly rate.  Mr. Duman's professional credo can best be summed up in the motto he has adopted to symbolize the priority  with which he treats his clients and their cases: "YOUR MATTER MATTERS"